Once upon a time, nearly all of Downtown Los Angeles's hills were proposed to be destroyed, and several of them were.

Alert LA public transit riders! New TAP cards are coming.

To keep sane, Mayor Eric Garcetti plays Ruzzle, listens to jazz, and party naps.

California becomes the first state to get a new "R" word out of the reappropriation vocabulary.

Who woulda thought? The Cecil Hotel on Main St, famous for all kinds of awful infamous deaths, is now booming as a tourist destination thanks to being inspiration for FX's American Horror Story.

Say it ain't so, Famima!!! The ubiquitous Japanese-owned Downtown convenience store chain will be shuttering each and every location by the end of October. 😢😢😢

Suicides, murders, and mysterious deaths used to keep people away from the Hotel Cecil.
But now it's making people actually want to visit and stay!