Did you know: Downtown LA (-adjacent) is home to the world's largest artists complex!

A few miles to the east, an effort is underway to turn the US' largest landfill into parkland.

Did those colorful blow-up balls in MacArthur Park Lake make you feel cheery? Well, to balance that out, LA Mag reports on how the park is haunted because of the lake's long history of drownings

A la Jenner, Dolezal, and Cosby, to name a few, a NY Times Mag must read on The Year We Became Obsessed Over Identity.

After a century filled with missed opportunities, Los Angeles is finally seizing on the City Beautiful movement.

One of Downtown's most disorienting, underutilized, and most iconic spaces, the Westin Bonaventure Hotel is perhaps best beloved through film.

The Westin Bonaventure has been destroyed in several films, including in Epicenter, as pictured here
(via Los Angeles, The City in Cinema: The Bonaventure Hotel)