At Art Basel Miami, the Focus is Female

Tis the season to be jolly, assuming if you're in the art world and are in Miami this week. Art Basel, originating from Switzerland, hosts the US version of its globally recognized annual art fair in Miami Beach. Judging from the stories we've heard, articles we've read, and nonstop instagrams we've seen, we know it's quite the scene - tens of thousands of artists, celebrities, wealthy buyers, and the like descending on America's tropical city. Los Angeles has a huge presence there, so much so that one of the festival's main panel discussion is about LA's role in the art world. But something of note and refreshing to see this year is the pronounced emphasis on works by women and feminism in the art world. Lots of media emerging from the event is focused on female artists, from the New York Times to Instagram's Women of Art Basel feature. With highlight happenings like Petra Collins and Madelyne Beckles' fuck boi funeral to the Rubell Family Collection's women-focused show, the elite art world is perhaps finally moving beyond its traditional status as a boys club.    •