Each week we share a few recommended articles, stories, and internet findings about Downtown LA, art, Los Angeles, and things of note. Here's a few from the week of August 5 2015:

In case Ace Hotel needed any more cultural ammo, they're now creatively programming their Broadway-facing billboard with Dear DTLA - a monthly art display with downloadable content at

Bloomberg Business boils down German economist/art advisor Magnus Resch's theory of why so many art galleries lose money.

Another summer, another round of SoCal rave deaths, and another plea for education over restriction. But when will we actually act accordingly?

The Expo Line Part 2, connecting Downtown LA to the beach, is nearing completion! Watch a Metro train make its way into Downtown Santa Monica for the first time since the early 1950s!

On the topic of trains, KPCC Off-Ramp reports on the history of Angels Flight, its Bunker Hill context, and the petition to get it running again (which you should sign here).