Someone set fire to Our Lady of Gentrification, a Wild Life sculpture recently on display at These Days Gallery that was reinstalled in Skid Row.

Sharing powerful truths about the Los Angeles immigrant working class, the art of Ramiro Gomez - repped by Chinatown's Charlie James Gallery - is heralded by New York Times Magazine.

Condé Nast offers DTLA picks and thinks the Broad Museum "has the potential to transform the surrounding neighborhood into a hip, walkable paradise." Potential, eh?

Though the commentary lacks, the numbers are interesting: Downtown LA is booming with residents but shrinking for workers. Though with so many freelancers / non-traditional workers in the area, we wonder if and how that factors into the data.

The long awaited reopening of Clifton's Cafeteria on Broadway is finally upon us! Read the story of now-owner Andrew Meieran and Clifton's legacy. Plus what LA Times readers remember about the whimsical restaurant that was.

A few highlights inside the wild and wonderful Clifton's Cafeteria, opening at the end of September. Photos by Wonho Frank Lee.