No More Cheap Booze at Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market is arguably Downtown LA's most visible space of transformation today. While lots of other projects are dramatically changing Downtown's skyline, industries, workforce, and residential capacity (to name a few), evolution is happening right at the feet and plates of thousands who pass through the historic food hall every day. Never shuttering its doors to complete a full before-and-after makeover, the market has remained open and has grown significantly in popularity while changes have occurred, offering one of the most honest and glaring opportunities to witness what's unfolding. The latest addition to the market is Courage & Craft, a high-end beer, wine, and liquor store at the market's Broadway entrance. An elegant build-out, it's owned and operated by all locals who are some of the most knowledgeable, passionate people about Downtown bartending, mixology, and spirits. But the store has opened where until recently also sat a liquor store, though one less expensive and less austere that served average-or-less income locals and people hanging out on Broadway rather than just the wealthier Downtown residents and tourists. It's yet another good and bad, a step forward and a loss. And It's certainly worth discussing. But so much of the gentrification discussion gets wrapped up in one-sided-ness, with both sides taking a very serious tone. We think it's just as critical to be able to talk about it from both sides, and find some humor in it too. Writer and frequent Grand Central Market employee Luke Kanter does this smashingly in his comedic piece Running Towards Eggslut, available in GET DOWN TOWN issue 2. Read it here and in print.       •

Grand Central Market, we love you for your food and appreciate the ways you facilitate meaningful conversations and humorous stories about the evolution of this city. (photo via LA Girl)