Get Down Town's Guides to Voter Guides

Oh this wretched election cycle. This whole presidential selection mess, and all the vile awful sexist misogynist racist revelations that have bubbled up from it, is making us mad but driving us even madder. It's enough to make any Downtowner wanna score some painkillers, order ten slices of Joe's Pizza, and not leave your apartment for weeks, or call an Uber just to drive you in circles around the 110-101-5-10 Freeway loop and demand the driver not let you out until you've finished blasting The Very Best of Enya twice in a row, or take the plunge and relocate to a Joshua Tree-adjacent Airbnb where the lack of WiFi is an added amenity and not tell any of your many employers where you went.

While wanting to hide from it all is understandable and a weeks-long desert retreat would be welcomed, there's a lot at stake locally that's worth our attention. California's ever-expanding set of propositions gives us voters some key decisions to consider, and several County and City measures offer some major opportunities for Los Angeles. While we have many of our own personal endorsements, Downtowners are a diverse lot with different wants and needs. So for those who haven't yet delved into the details, or are simply looking for some direction, here are some voter guides that might be of service.

For the queer "woke" artist: Writer/artist Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal's picks for props, measures, and electeds. Messaged as endorsements for "idealists, skeptics, and freaks," helpful explanations for each and every prop, unsupportive of Clinton but with a strategy for how to still defeat Trump.

For the women's right to choose champion: Planned Parenthood's endorsements. Only endorses a few props, long list of elected officials state-wide in case you're not an Angeleno, toggle by federal/state/local, pretty in pink.

For the civically-minded urban planner type: Shane Phillips's Better Institutions voter guide. Well-written thorough thoughts, wonky analysis, healthy hopes for more modernized government and services.

For the skeptic of all these damn propositions and who they're funded by and why is this the process: Kevin Drum's voter guide on Mother Jones. Makes clear claims that what seem like good things to vote for might not be, focuses on where the money goes, looks kinda like a listicle.

For someone who doesn't want endorsements but wants to be in graphic design heaven: Props only, strong emoji use as a ranking system, bananas as phallic metaphor, offers pros v cons on each issue.

For those who just wanna party with the Democratic Party: California Dem's official recommendations. Tells you your polling place, simple yes/no on props, large photos of Hillary and Kamala Harris.

  Props to  Ballot FYI 's aesthetically pleasing rundown of all the California propositions.

Props to Ballot FYI's aesthetically pleasing rundown of all the California propositions.