Get Down Town's Top Picks for the LA Art Book Fair

One of our favorite annual art world events is the LA Art Book Fair. It draws an amazing international crowd and best of all it's FREE! Here are a few of the exhibitors that we are particularly excited to check out over the weekend:

Fundación Alumnos47: Nonprofit publishing house and educational resource center in based in Mexico City whose beautiful publications are highly political and critical of the Mexican establishment. 

Conveyor Editions: Small print studio out of Jersey City, NJ whose experiments with book and printmaking are wonderfully upending conventional print practice.

ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives: Home to the world's largest collection of gay and lesbian-focused print material and run by USC Libraries, the ONE Archives is named after ONE Magazine, one of the country's very first gay rights publications founded in LA in the 1950s.
Black Lives Matter: Without a doubt the most important protest movement of recent times, Black Lives Matter will have a table that will be a center of dialogue and printed material on the experience of Black people intentionally left powerless at the hands of the state.

Guerrilla Girls: A group of anonymous women who use the dead women artists' names as pseudonyms and produce printed material and actions that expose sexism and racism in politics, the art world, film and the culture at large.

The Women's Center for Creative Work: Nonprofit organization that is opening their table up to smaller local initiatives exploring the theme of soft power and experimenting with transactions at book fairs. One such local initiative is The Hag, our friends and a guerrilla feminist publishing collective conducting surveys on representation of artists in LA's art institutions.  

We're sure you've got some great ideas for who else to check out: tell us who! See you there!  •