Last Weekend LA, Next Up Mexico City

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands gathered from far and wide to attend Los Angeles art fairs like Paramount Ranch, ALAC (Art Los Angeles Contemporary), the LA Art Show and ARTBandini, as well as events like Free Museum Day and Night on Broadway. Now, one weekend later, the contemporary arts community heads to Mexico City for several international art fairs, including Zona Maco - arguably Latin America's largest art fair, Material, and Index Art Book Fair. Several LA galleries are in Mexico City for the weekend, and a few exhibitions at Zona Maco focus on the relationship between Los Angeles and Mexico City. It's a connection worth exploring, as the cities have a wealth of similarities – enormous sprawl, major environmental concerns, a hub of Latino immigration, rapid efforts to promote multimodal transit, and increasing influence as a contemporary art center. We're excited to experience this weekend in Mexico City and further delve into the links that bind the Mexican capital to our city.    •