Don't Mess With Downtown Murals

Downtown Los Angeles is home to hundreds of murals. They add color to the city landscape, give artists a place to express themselves, and often communicate powerful messages about urban issues we face. Which is why many of us are so disturbed by a recent and quickly escalating trend of murals getting vandalized. Tagging and graffiti have long been visible on Downtown's walls and facades. Some of these works have the potential to blossom into the canon of street art if done in a thought-provoking and earnest way. But lately there has been a proliferation of defacing public art all over the area. One offender we've taken note of is an anonymous asshole called "JASK," who posts on Instagram as @thedowntownchick. "JASK" recently vandalized Shepard Fairy and Wild Life's murals along Indian Alley, a historic and commemorative landmark in honor of Native Americans in Los Angeles. The murals are luckily set to be repainted in the next several days. But this is a Downtown issue we feel needs to be addressed. We ask that if the local community sees something, say something. Take pictures, call them out, and post about it on social media. We hope karma comes back to bite @thedowntownchick and other public art destroyers big time.    •

A mural in Indian Alley dedicated to advocating for LA's Indigenous communities has been vandalized.
(our own photo)