No More Paris Photo in L.A.

After three yearly takeovers of Paramount Studios, the French organizers of Paris Photo L.A. have decided that the art fair won't cut it in Los Angeles anymore. The fair, a high-brow photography-focused art buyers expo, was supposed to take place at the end of April 2016 on Paramount's faux-NYC studio backlot. Its producers, who also planned to bring their annual FIAC Art Fair to Los Angeles for the first time this year, have scrapped both fairs, citing a lack of sales here in LA. At first glance, this might seem disappointing. Two major international art fairs took a chance on LA's art scene and couldn't financially prevail.  This does perpetuate a storied assumption that Los Angeles is a place best suited for making art, and not as much for exhibiting or selling art.

But last weekend's LA Art Book Fair, with tremendous sales and a record attendance of over 40,000, negates that assumption completely. Alongside many successful approachable events, the Art Book Fair proved that art sells very well here - even if it's from elsewhere (the Art Book Fair hails from NYC) - when it's accessible to the public and its offerings are reasonably priced. Perhaps Paris Photo L.A.'s demise is actually a victory for Los Angeles arts; a reality check that LA's art scene isn't made for art buying aimed at only the utmost wealthy.   •