this week's event picks (apr 20-26 2016):

✨ Flat Foldability
Harmony Murphy's first group show features artists such as Guy de Cointet, Robert Irwin, and Kathryn O'Halloran, whose works use folds, tucks, cuts, sequences, and multiple layers.
@ Harmony Murphy Gallery. Little Tokyo. Opening reception Thursday Apr 21 6-8pm.

✨ Tim Ebner
With a particular interest in the politics of aesthetics, Ebner’s works — from paintings to sculptural installation — offer commentary on the commercialization of abstraction.
@ Rosamund Felson Gallery. Under Ten. Opening reception Saturday Apr 23 3-6pm.

✨ Natalie Krim
Small intimate drawings and collages first appear cheeky and fun, but give way to something very private and personal as complicated visual play reveals psychological and political themes.
@ Little Big Man Gallery. The Flats. Opening reception Saturday Apr 23 6-9pm.

✨ Paul Heyer and Marisa Takal
Heyer creates tranquil works that evoke a 1980s pop aesthetic and involve motifs such as silky floral patterns, planetary shapes and dreamy cowboys. Takal's show "Heekin Toonutsi" features simple, humor-filled works involving her daily routines and interpersonal struggles.
@ Night Gallery. Under Ten. Opening reception Saturday Apr 23 7-10pm.

✨ Two Views: Photographs by Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank
Harrowing wartime photography by acclaimed photographers Adams and Frank reveals the forced separations and isolation experienced by Japanese communities in California and British Columbia in the 1940's.
@ Japanese American National Museum. Little Tokyo. Exhibit ends Sunday Apr 24.

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