Experiencing Los Angeles After Being Handed the Keys

by Caitlin Dennis, director of Spassvogel

Walking in Los Angeles has been talked about ad nauseum in recent years and months. As a very-late-bloomer-driver (like, circa 3 months ago) and veteran Los-Angeles-walker, and at the risk of appearing anti-progressive, I would like to take a moment to wax lyrical on the beauty of driving. Shout outs: the swooping dive of 4th St into Downtown, the sexy rolling shady curves of Pasadena, the privacy, intense rage, and ensuing zen of being enclosed in a piece of metal surrounded by other people enclosed in pieces of metal going through the same spectrum of emotions, the incredible entitlement and unawareness of the West Side SUVs paired with surprise moments of freeway kindness, magical parking spots, green streaks, feeling out the gas, mentally mapping out the city in terms of left turns, right turns, easy routes, scenic routes. On this note, I'm going to get in the 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse parked downstairs, and drive as fast as I legally can and blast "The Power of Goodbye" at a safe volume and cruise on to greener pastures and maybe the Getty and milk the feeling of liberation for whatever it's worth. Happy Wednesday!