Cheyanne Sauter answers: How do you bring people together in Downtown LA?

Strategies for bringing people together in Downtown are as diverse as the communities who call it home. It's why GET DOWN TOWN has been hosting Downtown Community Check-ins to bring neighbors together to hear about how community is being created here.

We asked several people who live here, sleep here, and/or actively support locals to share how they bring people together in Downtown LA and why they do it. Here's a response from Cheyanne Sauter, who offers artists space, support, and housing at Art Share LA.


In order to convene, people need a place, a common purpose, and the motivation to come together. But coming together is only one part of it. If you have a purpose, then you need outcomes and motivators that will carry the mission forward.

Artists are drivers who bring people together. If you give artists space, funding, a purpose and a timeframe, they can create an experience that draws in an audience. With the proper support, but also the right motivators, they help us come together to look at life through a different perspective, allowing for a collective shift to occur in our consciousness.

A cause can bring people together. Right now, in my life, affordable artist housing is a huge motivator to discuss with many entities. Finding the right people is proving to be the hard part. We convene to discuss the importance of artist housing and to determine solutions for the larger problem of art-washing that is happening in the Arts District. We bring in friends, foes, lawyers and developers and we talk until we are blue in the face. At a certain point, action needs to occur and the process needs to be built. I convene for a cause to find the actionable items that will change the situation.

And fun brings people together too!